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Registering a Campus Org

Recognized Campus Organization Registration 


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All officers and advisors MUST have an established account on OrgSync before the organization is registered or re-registered. To create an account, simply log in to OrgSync at and sign in with your UCSBnetID and password. Complete the brief profile to complete your registration.

  1. Register and attend the Student Leader Retreat on Saturday, October, 6 in Corwin Pavilion. Registration for this event is mandatory. Required attendance for minimum one officer.  

    Organizations that do not attend will not be eligible for priority registration and will be charged the standard OSL Registration and Account Maintenance Fee of $50.

  2. Attend a Campus Orgs Orientation. At least one officer from each organization is required to attend, but more are welcome and encouraged. Student leaders must send at least one officer to an org orientation to be eligible for priority registration as a registered campus organization. You may attend a presentation during the Student Leadership Retreat or during one of the scheduled presentations during Week of Welcome or Week 1 of Fall Quarter. Org Orientations will then be provided on a rolling basis and campus organizations will forfeit priority registration status, resulting in a fee increase of $20. After 10/6/18 the Mandatory Org Orientation will be offered biweekly. Please browse the OrgSync Events Calendar to pre-register for one of these sessions.

  3. RSVP and attend a LEAD Workshop. More workshops have been scheduled for November 16th and 17th. You may register now on the OrgSync Events Calendar. Please ensure that an officer from your organization will be able to attend one of these workshops, as they will be the last opportunity to complete this requirement to be a registered campus organization. This is a new requirement for student groups on campus, which focuses on communication skills and conflict resolution strategies. Participants will learn how identities shape communication styles, and how to prevent communication breakdowns and conflict. This is a mandatory workshop that campus organizations must attend in order to complete the registration/renewal process for Fall 2018.

  4. Have all officers accept their position within the organization. Use this document as a reference for the Officer Approval and Registration process. A campus organization cannot be offically re-registered until at least three distinct officers have accepted their positions within the organization.

  5. The OSL Registration and Account Maintenance Fee, which is $30 for organizations that attend the Student Leader Retreat on 10/06/2018 and have completed all other registration requirements by that time OR $50 for all other organizations, is deducted automatically from the organization’s OSL account. If your organization is new or does not have sufficient funds to cover the fee, make a deposit at the AS Cashier to your organization account (this procedure is described at Campus Orgs Orientation). If your organization is continuing and has sufficient funds to cover the fee, no action is required.
  6. Meet with an Office of Student Life Peer Intern. Organization leaders will be contacted directly by a peer intern assigned to their organization and will need to meet in person or via zoom with their peer advisor. These interns will be your organization's point-of-contact for any accounting, marketing, space reservation or other needs you may have as a new or existing organization. Specific peer intern assignment and meeting times will be provided at a later date and communicated to you via email.
  7. Tabling Opportunities: Check out our Newsfeed on OrgSync for the different ways to promote your organization. These include: Cultural socials from Residential & Community Living between September 24-26, the Recreation Center's Fun and Fitness Festival, Pardall Carnival on 10/13, the Office of Student Life's Campus Org Fair on 10/17 and more!

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