Office of Student Life

Printers and Copiers

Student Life Suite Printers and Locations
  • OSLI-01: Central (B&W; duplex)
  • OSLI-02: Front desk (B&W; single)
  • OSLI-03: Resource Center copier (full service color printing; copy; scan) - requires user code
  • OSLI-08: Central copier (full service color printing; copy; scan; fax) - requires user code

Do not use any printers not listed here.

Entering a User Code and Setting Defaults for OSLI-03 or 08
You must store your user code for each printer at each workstation that you use. If you print to either machine without a user code stored, the machine will not respond.
  1. Go to the Start menu and select Devices and Printers
  2. Right-click the printer and select Printing Preferences
  3. On OSLI-03, click the Detailed Settings tab, then select Job Setup in the Menu. Enter your code in the User Code field (not classification).
    On OSLI-08, click the Valid Access tab, then enter your code in the User Code field (not classification).
  4. Click OK

Note: Any settings you enter here will be used by default, including B&W, duplex, staple, and hole-punch. We recommend eco-friendly options, which can be adjusted for individual print jobs.

If any OSLI printers are missing from your Print menu...

Go to the Desktop and open the Applications folder. Open Printers. Right-click OSLI Printer Install and select Verify. Once the process is complete, you should have access to all OSLI network printers.

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