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OSL Staff

The easiest way to contact us is by E-mail or contact us directly from our web site below.

 10516 Katya Armistead 01
Katya Armistead, Ed.D.
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 
& Dean of Student Life
           10516 Miles Ashlock 01
Miles Ashlock, M.A.
Acting Associate Dean & Director
Office of Student Life (OSL) 
 10516 Danielle Quinones Ortega 02
Danielle Quiñones-Ortega, M.A.
Associate Director

 10516 Viviana Marsano 01
Viviana Marsano, Ph.D.
Isla Vista Liaison
Senior Campus Orgs Advisor

10516 Sophie Friedman 04
Sophie Wilson, M.Ed. 
Assistant Director


Jonathan Ng

Assistant Director

Kathleen Vu
Campus Organization
& Activities Coordinator

Office of Student Life

2260 Student Resource Bldg. (Office)
1104 Student Resource Bldg. (Resource Center)
Division of Student Affairs, University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5010

805.893.4569 voice
805.893.7005 fax

Coleen Sears
Campus Organizations Accountant
Coleen Sears
Campus Organizations Accountant
Coleen Sears
Campus Organizations Accountant

Navigating the Website

About Leadership Development

Leadership Development in the Office of Student Life is a comprehensive leadership training resource that provides services to emerging and established student leaders. Our services are intentionally broad to serve students with a wide variety of leadership interests and objectives. Student leaders are encouraged to pursue other departmental, campus and community leadership opportunities in conjunction with their participation in the Leadership Development Center.

Funding for Leadership Development

Leadership Development is supported by the Student Life Fee, the Students' Initiative Fee and generous private benefactors.

If you are interested in supporting Leadership Development, please contact our staff directly or contact Catherine Boyer, Acting Director of Student Affairs Grants and Development, by telephone at (805) 893-5037 or by email at

Internships @ OSL

In addition to working with tens of essential volunteers and volunteer committee members, Leadership Development hosts three interns hired on an annual basis.


Volunteers & Committee Members

We work with tens of volunteers and volunteer committee members who make our work possible. Are you interested in joining us on a quarterly basis to assist with the design and execution of our programs? We would be honored to work with you! Please contact us and let us know which program(s) you are interested in working on.

Locating Other Staff and Resources at UCSB

Other resource links for current students are compiled on the UCSB homepage.