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Accepting Credit Cards

Student Engagement & Leadership is not currently equipped to process credit cards for our 500+ registered campus organizations. However, some organizations have begun to successfully accept credit cards by following the procedure below. This procedure is acceptable provided that all proceeds are deposited into the organization's RCO account and documentation of all transactions is provided to the organization's treasurer or equivalent officer.

  1. Select a reputable credit card processor/payment service. The University does not recommend any particular service and assumes no responsibility for campus organizations' use of such services.
  2. The organization should either: establish a Tax ID in the organization’s name* or use the Tax ID of an officer. In either case, it is the responsibility of organization officers and/or the Tax ID holder to address tax implications.
  3. An officer of the organization should establish an account with the credit card processor.
  4. The organization should agree upon procedures in terms of how often withdrawals are made (usually based on frequency or dollar amount), who will receive the funds on behalf of the organization, and reporting requirements.
  5. Usually, withdrawals will be requested to be paid by check to one of the organization officers (IF it is not possible to request a check be paid to UCSB Office of Student Life directly for deposit into your organization's RCO account). Note that electronic transfer of funds into the SEAL Account is not possible.
  6. Once received, a copy of the withdrawal check AND the credit card/payment service activity statement should be reviewed by the organization officers. The withdrawn funds should be deposited into the organization’s RCO account.

*Note: The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) classifies most registered campus organizations as "social clubs." Student Engagement & Leadership does not provide tax or legal advice with regard to the establishment of non-profit organizations. Organization officers are responsible for determining whether their organization is required to file documents with the IRS. While most organizations qualify to be considered tax-exempt, certain filings may be required annually.

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