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Associated Students Entities

Associated Students (AS) is a non-profit organization and a department of the UCSB campus, funded by undergraduate student fees. Through elected student positions and appointments they voice student concerns and express student opinion to the UCSB administration, UC system, our community, and state and local governments.There are dozens of boards, committees, and commissions that are organized and funded through A.S. to enrich student life and give students services and opportunities not offered by the administration. Their mission is to help students uphold the high academic standards and give them leadership, employment, cultural and growth opportunities to serve the campus community.

Registered campus organizations regularly partner with A.S. for their support in hosting events by utilizing services such as funding from the Fiance and Business Committee, securing ticket sellers, co-sponsorship with Program Board for AV equipment and or Event staff, and for media and publication services. Below are boards and committees within A.S. that your organization can solicit funding from if the nature of your event is relevant to the mission of that board or commission.

Funding Opportunities For Your Organization's Event:

Finance and Business Committee
To obtain the $250 start-up fund: ASFB.
In order to be eligible to receive AS Funding, groups must have attended a F&B Workshop, completed an Authorized Signers Form, Submit a Budget Proposal, and attend an F&B Meeting, held every Monday at 4 PM in the State Street Room of the UCen.

Community Affairs Board (CAB)

The CAB board meets every Monday at 7:30 PM to review funding requests. Funding Requests must be submitted by Thursday before 5 PM to be reviewed for the following Monday leader meeting.

Coastal Fund
Funding proposals must advance the CF Mission Statement, have relevance to the student community and benefit the UCSB shoreline to be eligible.

Isla Vista Community Relations Committee (IVCRC)

Funding for events held in Isla Vista up to $500.

Program Board (ASPB)
To request support with production, publicity, and event staff, contact this board directly or stop by to learn how they can help.

Queer Commission (QCOMM)
The A.S. Queer Commission shall serve as an educational and advocacy forum for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT), Queer, and Intersex (LGBTQI) student’s rights, with a commitment to representing and improving the status of LGBTQI students on campus and in the community.

Student Commission on Racial Equality (SCORE)
SCORE is an organization dedicated to advocating for the rights and issues of students of color and underrepresented communities at UC Santa Barbara and the broader system of higher education.

Student Initiated Recruitment and Retention Committee (SIRRC)
We encourage all students and groups to assist us in our efforts towards becoming an influential outreach center and an active part of UCSB. Through time and effort, we have been able to establish a strong relationship with our members who are passionate about reaching out to high school students and 1st year university students who will begin their careers in higher education institutions across California.

Womyn's Commission
The UCSB A.S. Womxn’s Commission is an educator and an advocate for womxn’s rights, with a commitment to representing and improving the status of womxn on campus and in the community. The A.S. Womxn’s Commission is working toward becoming a diverse group of members reflecting the different voices of the campus and community.