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UCSB and the Office of Student Life (OSL) are unable to issue permits valid for off-campus food distribution and sales. If you are considering giving away or selling food and/or beverages to the public anywhere off-campus, including Isla Vista, please review the following guidelines.

Before giving away or selling food and/or beverages off-campus, call Santa Barbara County Environmental Health Services at (805) 681-4936 or email Kendra Wise to discuss your plans and determine your permit eligibility. The State of California and the County of Santa Barbara maintain extensive laws and procedures to help ensure food safety. Failure to obtain proper permits may have significant legal and financial consequences for you and/or your organization.  

Temporary Food Facility (TFF) permits may only be issued for community events, which are defined as civic, political, or educational in nature. In order to apply for a TFF from Santa Barbara County:
  • Submit an application at least two weeks prior to the event.
  • In many cases, when registered campus organizations submit an application at least two weeks prior to the event, they may have their booth fees waived as a non-profit entity. Otherwise, booth fees ($84-180 or more) apply. 

At a minimum, a Temporary Food Facility will require:
  • A fully enclosed booth with an approved floor and ceiling;
  • Approved hand washing setup inside the booth;
  • A way to keep foods that can support the growth of dangerous bacteria hot or cold, and a thermometer;
  • A certified food handler in the booth while it is in use;
  • A way to wash utensils;
  • A proper water supply;
  • Proper wastewater disposal.

For more information, please visit the Santa Barbara County Environmental Health Services website.

Low-Risk Food Exception for Non-Profit Organization Fundraisers

Low-risk foods and beverages, which are items that require no temperature control and are unlikely to support rapid growth of pathogenic microogranisms, may be sold by non-profit groups without a permit, for fundraising purposes if they are:

  • Commercially produced
  • Individually prepackaged
  • Fully labeled for resale

Examples include: cookies, chips, brownies, cans of soda, trail mix, etc.