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Sound Amplification Guidelines

Sound: Application to Amplify Music and/or Voice

For specific details on amplification and campus venues, please see the Campus Regulations Speech and Advocacy, section 2, under Time, Place, and Manner.

Music and amplification of sound (live bands, recorded music; including sound checks) is permitted in Storke Plaza, Student Resource Building, Faculty Club Green, Campbell/Cheadle Plaza and Lagoon Lawn from 12:00 noon to 1:00pm only.

Voice amplification is allowed in outdoor facilities from 11:00am to 3:00pm only.

Music and amplification volumes may not impede or interfere with the learning process.

Decibel Requirements have been established for music and amplified sound in all outdoor locations. Programs that offer amplification of any kind (music, speeches, performances, etc.) are required to have decibel (dB) sound measurements and/or readings by a staff member of the Office of Student Life.

Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA) has determined that when sound measurements and/or readings exceed 90 dB, it is considered unsafe. Failure to adhere to the 90 dB readings will result in forfeiture of use of above facilities for an and/or all of the following: the rest of the remaining quarter, the following quarter, the quarter one year to date of original offense.

To request permission to amplify music or voice in the areas specified below during standard amplification hours (M-F, 12:00-1:00pm) please create your event on Shoreline and fill out the 360 Event Planning forms. If you have not already reserved the venue, also submit a completed Room Reservations form. To extend beyond the allowable hours or for evening hours, your event will need to be approved on Shoreline and a representative from OSL will need to send you a permit to extend the amplification hours. 

The Arbor Mall, the area between the Arbor and the Girvetz Hall breezeway, is available for speech and advocacy activities with one restriction: there is to be NO sound amplification in this area at any time.

Request to amplify pertains to the following venues:

The Arbor
Buchanan Courtyard
Campus Green (Eternal Flame)
Cheadle/Campbell Plaza
Ellison Courtyard
Faculty Club Green
Girvetz Courtyard
HSSB Amphitheatre
HSSB Courtyard
Lawn at Building 406
Lawn at Building 434 (Annex)
Lot 22 Lawn/Sidewalk
Phelps Courtyard
SAASB Courtyard
Storke Plaza
UCen/Lagoon Lawn
Student Resource Building
Theater/Dance Courtyard