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Working with Minors (CANRA)

Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA)

All University community members are encouraged to report observed or suspected child abuse or neglect to the University Compliance Hotline (800-403-4744 or These internal reports may be made anonymously. "Child” includes Students who are under the age of 18, even those who are enrolled in regular University programs or who are not legally “minors.” "Abuse or neglect" refers to physical injury or death inflicted by other than accidental means on a child by another person. It includes willful harm or injury; sexual abuse, assault, and exploitation; endangerment; and unlawful corporal punishment or injury.

Additionally, the California Penal Code requires any person who reasonably believes he or she has observed murder, rape, or certain lewd or lascivious acts where the victim is a child under the age of 14 years to notify a peace officer (such as a campus or community police officer or a county sheriff) of the potential crime.

When an organization's programming brings it into regular contact with minors (participants under the age of 18), its leaders are obligated to work proactively with OSL staff to determine training needs in order to ensure CANRA compliance.