Office of Student Life

Fraternities and sororities that do not meet the IGC Standards will be sanctioned by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs or referred to the Registered Campus Organizations Conduct Board for adjudication and possible sanctioning. If, after the one-year period, the chapter has not performed at or above the IGC Standards, it will be dropped from the IGC and will lose the benefits offered by the University for fraternities and sororities that maintain IGC standards. Depending upon the severity of the violation(s), chapters may or may not be allowed to register as campus organizations.

The Registered Campus Organizations Conduct Board (RCOCB) will address violations of the IGC Standards for Fraternities & Sororities that occur between review periods. The Registered Campus Organizations Conduct Board (RCOCB) for severe violations of IGC Standards for Fraternities and Sororities may also revoke IGC membership privileges. As always, a chapter’s charter may be removed or suspended by inter/national fraternity or sorority. The University can remove recognition. Removing recognition will conform with procedural due process as outlined in the University of California Santa Barbara Campus Regulations Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students.