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Educational Programs

The purpose of Standards of Excellence (SOE) education is to provide opportunities specifically designed and developed for fraternity and sorority members to better equip students with tools necessary to facilitate personal and professional growth.  These programs are hosted in combination by the Office of Student Life and various UC Santa Barbara campus partners as identified below.  The idea is to reinforce a positive, safe, and holistic fraternal experience for all members of this community.

As part of the Member Development process, fraternities and sororities must attend an educational conference each year. Session topics include new member orientation, sexual violence prevention, alcohol and other drugs, hazing prevention and intervention, nutrition/health, diversity and inclusion, and or mental health. New Member Education and sexual violence prevention are required all incoming members and all members respectively.

Collaborating Departments  

2018-19 Mandatory Education Programs

Each chapter member is expected to attend one workshop in four of the five different subject areas throughout the year.  Subject areas (or "tracks") include: interpersonal violence prevention, Real World IV, Diversity & Community, Let's Get Practical, and Wellness. 
  • 90% of all new members must attend the New Member Conference in the quarter most closely associated with when they joined this community (i.e. if an individual joined in fall, that individual would attend the fall new member conference.  If an individual joined in winter or spring, that individual would attend the spring new member conference).
  • 30% of all members must attend a session in the interpersonal violence prevention track each quarter so that by the end of the academic year, 90% of all fraternity and sorority members have received education in this area.

Examples of Previous Mandatory Education Programs

Pillow Talk

This workshop engages participants in conversations on how building affirmative consent culture allows people to have more positive, fun experiences with their partners by establishing clear communication and mutual respect.  This session will build upon and reinforce content covered through Green Dot Bystander Intervention training last year in an effort to reinforce positive campus culture and how affiliated students can continue to be a part of the solution in reducing acts of interpersonal violence. 

Preventing Violence One Green Dot at a Time

This workshop provides an overview of Green Dot’s approach to bystander intervention and provides participants with tools to intervene as a bystander and create culture change on campus and in their communities. The presentation will cover the definitions of interpersonal violence and how students can be part of the solution. The presentation will also provide information on how students can access the CARE office.

Greek Interpersonal Violence Prevention Education Workshop

The workshop provides an overview of interpersonal violence and critically explores the cultural origins of interpersonal violence. The presentation covers the definitions of interpersonal violence, or sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking and provides detail regarding the cycle of violence and the survivor experience. The presentation also provides an interactive activity that explores the ways in which attitudes, assumptions, and beliefs contribute to a culture of violence and make it more possible for violence to occur (i.e. normalization of violence, cultural attitudes, etc). It also provides students with tools on how to intervene as a bystander and how to create change in their communities as members of the fraternity and sorority community at UCSB. Students are provided with information on the CARE office and how to access support services.

Resources for Fraternity/Sorority Members and Officers:

SOE_Guide for Officers

Educational Workshops