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Fraternity and Sorority Expansion

UCSB is currently open to fraternity and sorority expansion proposals with the exception of National Panhellenic Conference organizations*. While exact procedures vary by Council, all prospective chapters should:
  1. Consult with Jonathan Ng, Assistant Director, to discuss interest, procedures, and timelines.
  2. Submit a complete Application to Establish a Recognized Fraternity or Sorority at UCSB to OSL (application download links provided below).

Eligibility for Expansion

Chapters affiliated with national organizations (used interchangeably with regional, national, and international fraternity and sorority headquarters) are generally eligible to apply for colony status at UCSB. “National organizations” are defined by UCSB as those that maintain:

  • A headquarters or office space and staff,
  • Non-profit status with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS),
  • A Board of Directors with a regional structure component as well as governance documents,
  • Proof of general commercial liability insurance with a minimum of one million dollars in coverage, and
  • Regional and national structure of meetings or conventions.

“Local” organizations that do not meet all of the aspects of the “national organization” definition above are not eligible for expansion at UCSB; in order to become eligible, such an organization must first establish the above eligibility criteria.

Note: Professional and honorary fraternities and sororities with interest in joining the Professional Fraternity Council (PFC) should contact Jennifer Mitchell, Coordinator for FSL. PFC affiliates are recognized under the Campus Organizations umbrella.

Expansion Process
While processes differ among the Councils, the procedure generally follows the following pattern. On average, the process takes 3-6 months from application review to receive a final decision.

  1. Student and/or national representative confers with OSL regarding expansion procedures.
  2. Student and/or national representative submits application to OSL.
  3. On behalf of the University, the Dean of Student Life and the Assistant Dean & Director of OSL review applications and forward eligible applicants to applicable Councils for further review.
  4. Councils conduct independent review of applications and may require additional information, including interviews or presentations.
  5. OSL and Councils jointly determine status of each application.
  6. Official decisions are communicated to organization representatives by OSL. Verbal and written decisions delivered by Councils are not final or binding. Approved applicants will be invited to join a Council as a colony with the expectation that they will progress to a full chapter within 18 months. Denied applicants are eligible to reapply after one calendar year.

Expansion Application
Download as a Word Document or PDF

Next deadline: TBA

*NPC organizations will follow extension guidelines as outlined in the NPC Manual of Information.