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The Student Initiated Outreach Program awards funding to Registered Campus Organizations (RCO) for programs that support and promote outreach and retention to secondary pre-college and transfer students of historically underrepresented, income-eligible, or educationally disadvantaged communities. Special consideration will be given to projects that conduct outreach with UCSB Partnership Schools

Grant Guidelines

  • Outreach Projects must be initiated by Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs).
  • RCO must be registered with the Office of Student Life by the date of the SIOP Orientation Workshops
    • The 2019-2020 SIOP orientation includes three mandated workshops (SIOP Orientation Workshop A, B, C). Workshop A will be held once at the Student Leader Retreat on Saturday October 5, 2019 from 8:30AM-1:30PM in Corwin Pavilion.
    • Please register for the retreat:
  • Each grant seeking RCO must have at least one Project Leader (outreach chair, coordinator, and/or intern) participate in the SIOP Orientation Workshops.
  • Grant funding is allocated towards an Outreach Project; RCOs may not apply separately for the same outreach project as it would be considered a double request.
  • The maximum SIOP grant award is $6,000.00 per outreach project. Grants cannot be applied retroactively. 
    • Awards may be applied to:
      • Transportation
      • Accommodations for Chaperons/School Supervisor
      • Meals + Snacks (per-day)
      • Office Supplies (crucial to the execution of outreach project)
      • Media (e.g. projectors, computer lecterns, and computer rentals, etc.)   
      • On-campus room reservation fees
    • Award may NOT be applied to:
      • Memorabilia (e.g. t-shirts, banners, lanyards, etc.)
      • Entertainment (e.g. DJ, bouncer, speaker fees, off-campus rentals; exception for cultural performances)
      • Gifts & Prizes
      • Decorations      

Grant Criteria

Applications will be ranked by the committee based on those student organizations that best meet the established criteria. Applicants should make every effort to ensure the material contained in the packet is complete, accurate, and professionally presented.

  • The online application must be completed by Friday, December 6 at 11:59p.m. 
  • Once the SIOP Coordinator has approved an application, student representatives from the organization will be scheduled to present a proposal to the SIOP Committee. Please come prepared to answer specific questions related to your proposed program and to respond to questions regarding your organization's previous year's outreach event.
  • Overall quality of the application packet (comprehensive funding questionnaire; complete and accurate budgets; well-organized proposal free of grammar, spelling and sentence structure errors)
  • Outreach to partnership schools including elementary, middle and junior high schools feeding into partnership schools.
  • Follow-up with SIOP participants after the outreach event (availing selves for questions, mentoring and continuing ongoing contact).
  • Success of past outreach events, based on past evaluations (if applicable).
  • Use of previous year's funding allocation, all or partial (if applicable).
  •  Completion of evaluations (submitted by deadline date, late or not submitted)

Grant Agreements

  • If funding is awarded to your project, at least one student representative is required to attend regular coordination meetings prior to the event. UCOP grant requires that the requesting student organization complete the following evaluation forms: Participant Evaluations, Parent Evaluations (if applicable), Program Demographic Summary, Grant Evaluation and Admission Intake Forms within TWO WEEKS of the event. All forms are downloadable and can be found on Shoreline in the SIOP Portal by clicking on the ‘files’ tab and searching for the forms. NOTE: Organizations that fail to turn in the required evaluations within the specified time frame will not be eligible for funding the following year.
  • Evaluations must be submitted in person to the Office of Student Life, located on the second floor of the Student Resource Building. Please be sure that files are neatly collected and all information is legible.
  • Applicants are required to complete the 360 Event Planning Guide form and attend a Minor Events Committee Meeting.

Project Implementation Guidelines

  • Project must be designed to provide preparation for eligibility to an institution of higher education and/or tools to assist historically underrepresented pre-college youth and transfer students.
  • Project must be implemented between January and May
    • No Outreach Projects shall be held the day of UCSB Open House. 
    • Events or activity prior to a grant application review will not be considered (event/activity must occur after the grant allocations have been distributed).
  • Project must include a 1 hour a-g/admissions presentation conducted or authorized by the Office of Admissions. 
  • Project must include a 1 hour financial aid presentation conducted or authorized by the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.
  • Any projects that request overnight campus accommodations must be submitted to Housing & Residential Services by December 8th via Housing Overnightstay Form
    • Any questions should be directed to Tyler Miller ( | 805-893-7473)
  • Any projects that request dinning common meal tickets must be submitted 3 weeks prior. Reservations are based on group size (maximum 60 per outreach program) and availability. Any questions should be directed to Myles Parrino, Campus Visit Coordinator ( | 805-893-3331).