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Student Leader Retreat (Fall)

18th Annual
Student Leader Retreat

October 5, 2019

The Office of Student Life has offered this annual event for nearly two decades! The Student Leader Retreat at UCSB has grown significantly since its inception and the strong partnership between the Associated Students and The Office of Student Life continues. Each year, the coordinating committee continues to refine the experience to setup student leaders for a productive and enjoyable academic year.

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Why Go?

  • Develop your individual leadership skills with practical assessments and instruction.
  • Network extensively with other student leaders and registered campus organizations.
  • Get the most current information and training regarding fundraising and event planning.
  • Identify critical issues for student leaders to address during the academic year.
  • Meals, snacks, and materials included!

Previous Participants Have Said...

  • “The networking opportunities were extraordinarily helpful for my organization.”
  • “I loved having the opportunity to network with so many friendly, passionate people in an environment that encouraged progression and positive leadership development.”
  • “I got a chance to network with people I probably would not have gotten a chance to outside of this... And it was just an overall awesome experience!”
  • "Another organization may bless you, inspire you, or even challenge you, but ultimately this will contribute to the growth of your organization and the building of character within each member. Don't miss out!"

Who can attend?

All of the following organizations can elect at least one student officer to attend (additional spaces will be allotted on a first-come, first-served basis):

  • Associated Students entities (executives, boards, committees and commissions)
  • Campus organizations registered with the Office of Student Life
  • Campus Departments

How much does it cost?

It’s free to participants! The retreat is supported by the AS Students’ Initiative, the Student Life Fee, generous private donations and organization registration fees.

Registration Now Open