Office of Student Life

Posting Regulations and Services

Posting Regulations for Students

Flyer Posting

There are seven campus kiosks available for posting. All flyers posted on these kiosks must be sponsored by a registered campus organization or UCSB department with the name of the sponsor printed on the flyers.

Please review the Posting Regulations (also available HERE in the UCSB Campus Regulations) below.

Digital Posting

Shoreline Feed

Registered campus organizations (RCOs) in good standing and campus departments may have their messages shared on the Shoreline feed to announce events, recruitment, and other items relevant to the student body. 

If RCOs wish to contact students directly via email, they may complete the Targeted Email Request form. Emails are sent at the discretion of Office of Student Life staff. There is a fee for the service.

Complete the Targeted Email Request Form here. 

In order to access these services offered by the Office of Student Life, the RCO must have paid all previous fees owed to the Office of Student Life. 

All students and staff must follow University Posting Regulations as specified below.