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Campus Orgs Registration Forms

  • Download Constitution Template
  • Note: Hardcopy signatory forms will not be required in 2015-16. The digital signatory form will be made available late Summer 2015.

2015-16 Campus Orgs Re-Registration

Step 1 – Update Organization Profile

You will now see a blue box at the top of your organization’s OrgSync that says “A community administrator has requested that you update your organization’s profile.” Click the link to update your organization’s profile.  

The profile is pre-filled with all of the information from your previous registration (including the constitution). Please take this opportunity to update your organization’s information, especially:

  • the organization’s Constitution, if there are any changes,
  • the names and contact information of all officers (you may now list up to 10!) and the advisor, and

Please review the Campus Orgs policies on the last page carefully before submitting your renewal request.

Step 2 – Pass Down Organization/OrgSync Access

After you have submitted the update, be sure to go to the People module in your organization and give administrator or officer access to the new officers!

  • If the new officer is already registered on OrgSync and a member of your organization, click “Options” next to the member and upgrade their Account Group.
  • If the new officer is not yet registered on OrgSync, click “Invite Members” to send a personalized invitation. Use the officer's U-Mail address to send the invitation so that it is linked to their UCSB Net ID! Use the UCSB Student Directory to look up a student's U-Mail address.

Step 3 – Submit Digital Signatory Form

The digital signatory form at https://orgsync.com/118972/forms/160651. The form is required to register/re-register an organization or when there are changes to organization officers. (This signatory form is now digital.

Step 4 - Pay Registration Fee

The OSL Registration and Account Maintenance Fee, which is $40, is deducted automatically from the organization’s OSL account.

Step 5 – Attend Campus Orgs Orientation

Send at least one organization officer to a Campus Orgs orientation session. These sessions combine the basics of administering a registered campus organization at UCSB with an overview of our organization management website, OrgSync. It is highly recommended that multiple officers attend this session to become familiar with updated policies and procedures.

Orientation Dates and Times:

Spring 2016: ·        

·         April 6th 4:00 – 5:00pm in the SRB Student Resource Center, Rm 1103
·         April 20th 4:00 – 5:00pm in the SRB Student Resource Center, Rm 1103
·         May 4th 4:00 – 5:00pm in the SRB Student Resource Center, Rm 1103
·         May 18th 4:00 – 5:00pm in the SRB Student Resource Center, Rm 1103

6. OSL Officers Lounge on OrgSync

All approved Officers and Advisors will be added to the new OSL Officers Lounge on OrgSync, which is where you can take care of organization business, including filling out essential forms like accounting requests and room scheduling requests. Be sure to accept the invitation when it arrives in your University E-mail account! (Unlike previous years, these forms will be located in the OSL Officers Lounge, not your organization portal.)

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