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Campus Orgs Registration Forms

  • Download Constitution Template
  • Note: Hardcopy signatory forms will not be required in 2015-16. The digital signatory form will be made available late Summer 2015.

2016-17 Campus Orgs Re-Registration

Step 1 – Establish Accounts on OrgSync

All officers and advisors MUST have an established account on OrgSync before the organization is registered or re-registered. To create an account, simply log in to OrgSync at https://orgsync.com/login/university-of-california-santa-barbara and sign in with your UCSB Net ID and password. Complete the brief profile to complete your registration.

Step 2 – Update Organization Profile

You will now see an orange box at the top of your organization’s OrgSync that says “A community administrator has requested that you update your organization’s profile.” Click the link to update your organization’s profile.  

You will be prompted to add people to positions—president, vice president, etc. You must provide a minimum of three officers and an advisor. Each officer/advisor will be prompted by E-mail to complete a certification form and formally accept their role. They will also automatically be added to the organization’s OrgSync portal as an administrator. Hint: If one of your officers or advisor does not appear in the drop-down list, they need to establish an account on OrgSync before you can proceed.

The profile is pre-filled with all of the information from your previous registration (including the constitution). Please take this opportunity to update your organization’s information, especially the organization’s Constitution, if there are any changes.

Please review the Campus Orgs policies on the last page carefully before submitting your renewal request.

Step 3 – Attend a Campus Orgs Orientation

Officers will be required to attend a Campus Orgs Orientation. These will be held during the Week of Welcome.

Officers will be required to attend the Student Leader Retreat that will be held on a Saturday early fall quarter. Required attendance for minimum one officer.  Registration information will be found on OrgSync. Organizations that do not attend will not be eligible for priority registration and will be charged the standard OSL Registration and Account Maintenance Fee of $40.

Step 4 – Pay Registration Fee 

The OSL Registration and Account Maintenance Fee, which is $25 for organizations that attend the Student Leader Retreat on and have completed all other registration requirements by that time OR $40 for all other organizations, is deducted automatically from the organization’s OSL account.

If your organization is new or does not have sufficient funds to cover the fee, make a deposit at the AS Cashier to your organization account (this procedure is described at Campus Orgs Orientation). If your organization is continuing and has sufficient funds to cover the fee, no action is required.

Step 5 – Attend Annual Student Leader Retreat

Date to be confirmed for Saturday, October 8 OR 15.