Office of Student Life

Posting Regulations and Services

The Office of Student Life (OSL) is responsible for managing SIX kiosks on the UC Santa Barbara campus. All flyers posted on these kiosks must be approved by the Office of Student Life prior to posting. Flyers will only be approved if they are sponsored by a registered campus organization or UCSB department and the name of the sponsor is printed on the flyers. The Office of Student Life can only accept six (6) flyers  - one for each kiosk. The posting schedule changes quarterly based on student intern schedules. If your flyer needs to be posted before the next OSL posting date, please stop by our office to have your posters approved and to receive a printed map with kiosk locations.

The Office of Student Life is open to approve flyers Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. through 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. through 4:00 p.m.

Please review the Posting Regulations (also available HERE in the UCSB Campus Regulations) below.

Posting Regulations

These regulations permit University students, faculty, staff, registered campus organizations and University units to post and exhibit non-commercial materials at locations designated in these regulations for that purpose. Posting that may damage any University property is prohibited. Except as provided in Chapter III,B, 2.b., non-University organizations or persons are not permitted to post on campus. 

These regulations apply to individual members of the campus community as well as registered campus organizations. Fines are also applicable to violations occurring during election campaigns. All materials shall clearly indicate the name of the sponsoring campus organization(s) or individual(s). (Abbreviations of organizational names to be used in publicity must be specified at the time of organizational registration.)

  1. Acceptable Materials
    1. Announcements of campus activities, special events and fund-raising activities sponsored by campus organizations, departments, recognized campus units, and affiliated organizations
    2. Notices regarding the occasional/incidental sale of personal property belonging to students and employees of the University and those offering educationally related services or information of interest to UCSB students, faculty and staff. 
    3. Associated Students and Graduate Students Association campaign literature. All posting of these materials must comply with these regulations. Additional regulations governing election posting may be found in the Associated Students by-laws.
  2. Restricted Materials
    1. Commercial advertisements, posters and literature, political campaign literature, flyers and posters not sponsored by registered campus organizations, and publicity for services that are not conducive to the educational purposes of the University (e.g., term paper services) are not acceptable for posting.
    2. Advertisements, posters, and literature related to events/services/goods of off-campus persons or organizations must be approved by the Office of Student Life prior to posting.
      1. The only area approved for the posting of non-sponsored literature is on the bus loop kiosk by North Hall. Because of space limitations only one poster per event is permitted.
      2. Any groups wishing to have the privilege of posting elsewhere on campus may contact the Office of Student Life for a list of potential campus organization sponsors and those sponsors must be clearly delineated on any posted material.
  3. Posting Areas: Posters and Announcements
    1. Kiosks
      1. The kiosks in front of Campbell Hall, Snidecor Hall, and the Music Building are maintained and managed by Arts & Lectures, Dramatic Arts Department, and Music Department, respectively.
      2. All other kiosks are maintained by the Office of Student Life posting service. Since space is limited, only one poster per event on each kiosk is permitted.
      3. Temporary kiosks may be placed on campus for a maximum of three weeks. A written proposal outlining purpose, time period, location(s), and construction material must be presented to the Office of Student Life.
    2. University Bulletin Boards All bulletin boards (including those in classrooms) designated as “general purpose” are for use by campus organizations, students, faculty and staff. Notices may be posted on boards outside of the classrooms and in the Graduate Tower area of South Hall. The following Fire Marshal restrictions apply: only a single layer of paper, and only one notice per event/item is permitted on each board, and no posting within one foot in any direction from another notice. No commercial flyer, literature, or advertisement may be posted.
    3. Departmental Bulletin Boards Departmental offices control the use of bulletin boards located within departmental areas. Permission must be obtained from the department before any non-departmental sponsored material is posted.
    4. Residence Halls All distribution and posting in the residence halls and dining commons are controlled by the Residence Halls Association; posting in these areas must be approved by the Residence Halls Association or its designated agent(s).
    5. Classroom Chalkboard Posting and Announcements Written announcements of upcoming events on chalkboards in the Buchanan Complex (because of the rear projection screens), or any other instructional facility that has limited chalkboard space, is prohibited. Academic uses of chalkboards will always take precedence over other uses.
  4. Posting Areas: Banners
    1. a. Banners (no more than eight feet in length and four feet in width) may be posted on Storke Plaza railings and the bike tunnels on Pardall Road and near Student Health Service and Rob Gym.
    2. Banners are prohibited from all other areas, especially bike path rails and fences.
    3. Only one banner per event per area is allowed.
    4. Staked banners/signs may be placed in ground cover (preferably) or lawn areas for a maximum of two weeks. The signs cannot be closer than five feet on either side of bike paths and may not be placed in round-abouts.
  5. Removal of Poster Material
    1. All material referring to a specific event or deadline is to be removed within 48 hours after the event/deadline by the sponsoring organization.
    2. All material not referring to a specific event or deadline is to be removed by the end of the quarter.
  6. Posting Violations
    1. Posting in or on campus buildings, sidewalks, trees, bike path railings, windows, traffic signs, fixed poles, lamp poles and all other areas not suitable for staples or tape and not specifically identified in these regulations is prohibited.
    2. Writing, posting or taping directly on sidewalks, paths or on the exterior or interior surfaces of buildings or walls with any material, including chalk, is a violation of these regulations.
    3. Posting on top of or removing announcements that are current is a violation of these regulations.
    4. Placing flyers, announcements or literature of any kind on automobiles (e.g., under the windshield wipers) on University property is prohibited.
  7. Disposition of Reported Posting Violations
    1. Reporting Violations  Any member of the campus community may register a written complaint or concern with the Office of Student Life regarding alleged posting violations and potential clean-up cost.
    2. Investigating Charges and Recommending Sanctions
      1. Once a written complaint is filed, the Office of Student Life will contact the alleged violators, inform them of the charges, and ask them for their explanation of the situation.
      2. After reviewing all circumstances surrounding the allegation, the Office of Student Life will have the authority to impose sanctions.
    3. Sanctions for Posting Violations
      1. Fund-Raising Event

        First Offenses:

        1. Forfeiture of the $50.00 publicity bond; or the actual cost of clean-up, whichever is greater as stated on the Office of Student Life event planning guide.

          Repeat Offenses*:

        2. Forfeiture of the publicity bond encumbered for the event or the actual cost of clean-up, whichever is greater.
        3. Imposition of a fine up to 40% of the gross receipts of the fund-raiser in question.
        4. Loss of any or all of the organizational privileges.
      2. Non-Fund-Raising Events

        First Offenses:

        1. Written warning
        2. Imposition of a fine up to $20.00.

          Repeat Offenses*:

        3. A minimum fine of $50.00 or the actual cost of clean-up, whichever is greater.
        4. Loss of any or all organizational privileges.*Definition of a Repeat Offense: A person or organization receiving a second notification within the current fiscal year of violating these posting regulations.
      3. For posting violations committed by commercial organizations or groups, a $10.00 fine per flyer/advertisement will be imposed.