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Registering or Re-registering a Campus Org

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What is a Registered Campus Organization or RCO?
Essentially a "club," an RCO is an organized student group of 3 or more that share an interest, passion, or goal. RCO's function like an on-campus entity, and must comply with specific regulations, and earn certain privileges in return. For more detailed information, please visit the Campus Organization Regulations and Privileges page. 

Does your student group need to become an RCO?
Not all groups of students function like an RCO. However, if your group plans on hosting events, fundraising, recruiting new members, scheduling on-campus spaces, or advertising on campus, then you need to become an RCO. We currently have over 500 RCO's on campus, ranging from the BBQ Club to the Black Student Union, so if you're thinking of starting a new RCO, check out all the existing ones first on Shoreline! 

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RCO Registration How-To F2019