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Parents & Families

Parents & Family: Supporting Your Student

As your student considers the possibility of joining a fraternity or sorority during their time at UCSB, you may have questions or concerns about what their membership will entail. Here are some important aspects of fraternity and sorority life to consider with your student:

Do your homework - Take time with your student to review the information on our website and to do some research about the chapters we host at UCSB. Don't forget to research the chapters' national organization to learn more about opportunities for your student to be involved even after graduation. Remember that joining a fraternity or sorority is a life-long commitment.

Personality - Remember that fraternities and sororities can have very different personalities and reputations from campus to campus. Encourage your student to find a place where they feel most comfortable, regardless of family affiliations or perceived reputations of organizations.

Finances - Joining a fraternity or sorority is a financial obligation. Make sure to discuss this with your student prior to the recruitment or intake process so you can set a realistic budget (for dues, room and board at a chapter house if that is offered, etc.). Remember that costs vary from chapter to chapter. Interested students should ask organizations directly about the average cost of membership.

Academics and Time Management - While many students find that joining a fraternity or sorority offers many academic support options, it is important to remember that membership in a Greek-lettered organization is also a time commitment. Make sure to discuss with your student how they plan to balance their membership with academics and other involvements.

Leadership Opportunities - One of the most beneficial opportunities of being involved in a fraternity or sorority is the chance to take on a leadership role. Encourage your student to seek out co-curricular involvements within the fraternity & sorority community (i.e., serving on a committee, executive board or community governance board) so they can build their resume and gain valuable leadership experience!

Ask Questions - Students and parents should not hesitate to contact their council advisor or Student Engagement & Leadership with questions or concerns about their experience.

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