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Workshops & Consultation

Workshops & Consultation

Office of Student Life staff serve as consultants to the campus community. In addition to one-on-one leadership consultations, we offer free, customized training sessions to groups of 10 or more students. Individual students, informally organized groups and recognized campus organizations are all encouraged to seek consultation with the trained staff.

We know that truly effective leadership is possible and we believe that you are capable of changing the world. Don't face the thrills and challenges of leadership alone. Let us assist you in achieving your individual and organizational goals.

Reasons for leadership consultation vary widely. An organization might be growing and requiring new skills of its officers, facing a difficult issue and requiring outside intervention, or strive to inspire members with leadership skills. In any of these cases (and others), leadership consultation is an appropriate choice. 

Popular topics include: officer transition, organizational vision, leadership theories and development, effective marketing, conflict management, diversity dialogues, productivity style management, public speaking, risk management, and team-building.

Leadership consultation is usually a multi-step process where:

  • One or more officers meet with OSL staff to identify issues/needs 
  • Officers and OSL staff collaborate to design an appropriate training or intervention
  • The training or consultation meeting is conducted.

Staff in OSL are committed to providing individualized service to organizations.

Consistent with this, trainings are facilitated in one of three ways:

  1. OSL staff facilitate a training or consulting session
  2. OSL staff and organization officers co-facilitate a training
  3. OSL staff prepare organization officers to facilitate a training alone 

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