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The Student Interns/Org Peer Advisors are student employees and community leaders ready to assist you navigate Student Engagement & Leadership (SEAL) and the event planning experience. Our Student Life Interns/Org Peer Advisors are experienced organizational leaders who have demonstrated academic and community success. They can help disseminate important information such as how to plan a successful event planning, utilizing Shoreline, finding funding, and how to maximizing you Gaucho experience. While a resource for all UCSB students, Student Interns/Org Peer Advisors focus on facilitating the Registered Campus Organization Leaders' role by helping them engage with all of SEAL's tools and tricks.

If you have any questions, FEEL FREE TO SEND US AN EMAIL and we will be more than happy to help!

Abbie Cervantes (she/her)
Advises: K-12 Outreach Orgs/SIOP
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Andre Kar (he/him)
Advises: Social Orgs
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Dominique Mihaljevic (she/her)

Advises: Cultural Orgs and Health & Wellness Orgs
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Eric Palacios (he/him)
Advises: K-12 Outreach Orgs/SIOP
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Felix Dong (he/him)
Advises: Academic/Honorary Orgs
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Jason Stone (he/him)
Advises: Recreation Orgs and Visual & Performing Arts Orgs
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Jeddson Mejorada (he/him)
Advises: Career/Professional Orgs
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Kaitlin Segovia (she/her)
Advises: Community Service Orgs
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Mary Warmbier (she/her)
Advises: Environment & Sustainability Orgs, Religious/Spiritual Orgs
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Wendy Zanker (she/her)
Advises: Religious Orgs and Sexual & Gender Diversity Orgs
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