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Check Advance Procedures

A check advance is used to provide money to an individual prior to making purchases on behalf of an organization. For example, if a member will be purchasing approximately $250 in supplies for an upcoming event, they might request an advance in order to avoid paying for the supplies out of their own pocket and waiting to be reimbursed. This is especially useful because organizational expenses often exceed individual budgets.

To complete a check advance:
  1. An officer of the organization completes an Accounting Request form on OrgSync (see Withdrawing Funds).
  2. The purchaser (the person receiving the advance) receives the advance check and cashes it or deposit it to their bank account. (Banks may place a hold on the check; however, you can encourage banks to verify the check and reduce the duration of the hold by calling the Campus Organizations Accountant at 805-893-4555.)
  3. The purchaser makes the approved purchases on behalf of the organization and keeps all receipts of expenses.
  4. Within five business days of the final approved purchase, the purchaser submits an Cash Advance Reconciliation (PDF) and all original receipts to the Office of Student Life.
  • If the purchaser has spent less than the total advance amount, they must return the remaining amount to the Office of Student Life by cash or check. The funds will be re-deposited into the organization's account.
  • If the purchaser has spent more than the total advance amount, they will be reimbursed for the additional expenses, pending approval by an organization officer.

Cash Advance Reconciliation Form

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