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Other Campus Funding Sources

Other places to find funding for your event include:
  • University Center (UCen)
  • Local Businesses & Organizations
  • Private Donors
  • Academic Departments
  • Chancellor's Office
  • Other Student Affairs Departments
    • Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) – Educational Opportunity Program provides funding to assist student organizations in meeting EOP’s departmental objectives of servicing income eligible first generation college students. To learn more and apply, please visit:
    •  Multicultural Center (MCC) – The Multicultural Center provides free marketing and event support for UCSB student, faculty, and staff events that relate to the MCC Mission( To learn more, please visit:
    •  Women’s Center - The Women’s Center is the primary organization on campus dedicated to providing education on women’s issues, feminism, healthy masculinities, and gender and social equity. To contact the Women’s Center for more information and/or event support, please visit:
    • Vice Chancellor's Office: The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs has a limited amount of money with which to co-sponsor campus events and activities hosted by registered campus student organizations. To apply and learn more, please visit:
  • Residence Hall Association (RHA) – RHA aids campus organizations seeking marketing or other support with events in alignment with RHA’s mission on campus. To request funding, flyering, or other event and/or organizational support from RHA, please visit: